City council and mayor (Mestské zastupiteľstvo a starosta/primátor)


The right to vote in municipal elections belongs to those who have registered permanent residence in the town, village, in the district of the capital city of Bratislava and the city of Košice and no later than on the election day they have reached 18 years. As an inhabitant of the settlement, you are entitled in particular to elect municipal self-government bodies and to be elected to the municipal administration body, to vote on important issues of life and community development (local referendum), to participate in the meetings of inhabitants and express your opinion there, to participate in the meetings of the General Council, to address the authorities, to use, in a usual manner, general facilities and other assets of the town/village serving for public purposes, to require co-operation to protect yourself, your family and property located in the community and to request assistance at the time of sudden emergency. Once you have registered your address, the competent authorities will send you a document with information on the elections by post.


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