Rights and employment of people with special needs


The law of equality for people with special needs provides the following rights regarding the employment of people with special needs:
• Prohibition of discrimination: companies are obliged of taking measures to enable people with special needs to have access to employment, pursuit of the profession, professional advancement and participation of further trainings and education courses. They also need to take into consideration when one employee has a close relative with special needs.
• Protection against dismissal: protection against unjustified dismissals or one-sided resolutions against people with special needs.
• Remuneration protection: salary cannot be decreased because of disability.
• Certain collective agreements provide for additional holidays for workers with special needs.
• Workplace
• Exemption of income tax
• Personal and professional support: work support, orientation mobility training, mobility support, support for economic self-employment, remuneration allowances, job security support.


If you think your rights are being violated you can contact directly Commissioner for people with special needs at (in Slovak): www.komisarprezdravotnepostihnutych.sk
You can also contact the Slovak Ombudsman (in Slovak): www.vop.gov.sk