How to use DC

For whom is the Danube Compass intended and how to use it?

The transnational information platform Danube Compass is intended for the broadest possible scope of interest groups (asylum seekers, mobile individuals, mobile workers, expats, students, relevant public servants, volunteers, and NGOs working with migrants).

The platform aims to provide easily searchable (and) relevant information about living and working in eight Danube region countries. It strives for greater transparency of the rights and responsibilities in certain everyday situations, which would help equip newly arrived migrants with accurate and simple information about the country and facilitate work of public official and NGOs working with migrants.

The DC can be used by migrants, public officials or NGOs as a translation tool between 5 languages per each country, a tool that allows comparison between different Danube region countries, and as a tool that provides information on specific issues that are part of settling in a new country as well as an overview of services and systems of particular country, region or city. Users can navigate through the Danube Compass by using the search engine or by browsing specific categories.