Judicial translations (Úradný preklad)


All documents submitted to the Slovak authorities must be translated into Slovak by judicial translators.


Anyone can contact a court (judicial) translator, the speed of the translation and its price depends on an agreement with a particular translator.


On the list of court translators inserted below, choose a language to or from which you need to translate the document. After selecting the language, all judicial translators for the given language will appear along with their addresses and contacts


The price depends on the individual translation, length of a document, selected language, as well as how quickly you need to have a document translated.

NOTE: The documents issued in the Czech language do not need to be translated into the Slovak language. Similarly, if there is no judicial translator for a particular language available in the list of experts, interpreters and translators enrolled by the Ministry of Justice, the document can be translated into the Czech language.

Good to know

There are usually two different types of translation for every language – judicial translation and regular translation. If you need your documents for a public authority, always judicial translation is needed.


Here you can find a list of all judicial translators (in Slovak) by the language they work in. On the left side, click the word “tlmočníci”: http://jaspi.justice.gov.sk/