Registration of permanent residence


A term permanent residence” is applied differently to Slovak citizens and to foreigners with permitted stay in the Slovak Republic. For the Slovak citizen, permanent residence is usually the place of his/her permanent living in Slovakia. As a foreigner you must first apply for permanent residence in Slovakia and the Foreign Police Department either grants residence or rejects the application. After permanent residence has been approved, you will be issued a residence card stating the address of your stay in Slovakia. The address on the residence card must always be topical, and if you move, you are obliged to report a change of address within five working days, or notify the Foreign Police Department that you will stay away from such a place for more than 30 days.


You can be granted permanent residence only after all conditions have been met and the documents have been presented. In Slovakia, you can only be granted one type of residence, either permanent or temporary residence, never both at the same time.


If you are a foreigner and you need to change the address on your residence card, you need to submit an application for a new residence document to the competent Foreign Police Department with the new tenancy agreement (signatures on the contract must be all notarized).


You can apply during the official hours of the relevant Foreign Police Department, if you are a foreigner. Please see the link above.

NOTE: If you want to leave Slovakia for a period exceeding 180 days, it is important to notify the Police in writing, otherwise you risk that they cancel your stay.

Good to know

Administrative fee for a new residence document is € 4.50.


Addresses of the Foreign Police Departments can be found here (in Slovak):